Finding comfort in the wild with the help of Community Futures Huron

By Colleen Toms – The great outdoors have gotten a little more comfortable, thanks to unique and cozy retreats created by Cabinscape.

Owned and operated by John and Laura Loerchner, Cabinscape provides people looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life with clean, solar-powered and ecologically responsible getaways where they can connect with nature while still enjoying some creature comforts.

 “We offer tiny, off-grid cabins for wilderness retreats,” John explains. “The idea is essentially a sort of base camp that you can use in order to get outdoors.”

“We’re very focused around the idea of people getting outside and going paddling, biking or whatever your preferred activity is, and just providing that sort of safety net or a little bit of added comfort.”

 John and Laura are avid outdoor enthusiasts, but their wilderness excursions were getting a little less comfortable when they started their family. It was then that the idea of Cabinscape came into being.

It was developed, “in order to make things easier because you are either new to the outdoors, or like with our story, you had a kid or two and backcountry camping got a little bit hard,” says John.

The couple built their first cabin in July 2017 and noticed a very quick and steady response. “The first year was kind of experimental, just dipping our toes in it to see how it would go,” says John. “It went well. So that is when we decided to really start focussing on it as a full-time occupation. It’s really been the past two years that we’ve been working to expand and establish ourselves.”

Cabinscape now offers nine cabins scattered throughout remote areas in southern Ontario, but that is not where the story ends. The couple is ramping up to offer even more retreats as interest in the product soars.

 “COVID, obviously, slowed things down for us a bit but we’ve got three more micro cabins, or slightly smaller designs even, opening in Halliburton in the next couple of weeks,” John notes. Cabinscape is currently working with officials in the to build five camp cabins at its newest initiative – a wellness and adventure retreat called Cabinscape Camp – and up to 10 micro-cabins.

John reports, “If all goes as planned, by next June we’ll be somewhere between 20 and 30 micro-cabins, so we are more than doubling by next spring.”

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If you’d like more info or to book your stay at one of Cabinscape’s off-grid tiny cabin rentals in the woods, email

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